Y = Two auxiliary switches and two 2 kΩ feedback potentiometers 2 x Aux. Switches. List. Price. Johnson Contr. Joventa*. 8 Nm Actuators V47AD-9160.


69002520 2DD-50X 19,3 m³/h 5,8 kW 2,2 kW 17,3 kW 10,0 A 69002527 7070660 V47AD-9160 R 1” 24 - 57 °C 6,5 m³/h 152 x 1,8 mm. 257

Description. The V47 is a temperature actuated modulating valve that Get the lowest prices on Johnson Controls V47AD-2 everyday at FurnacePartSource.com, home to over 500,000 HVAC parts at the lowest cost. Most orders ship same day. 24 Hagerty Boulevard Suite 6 West Chester, PA 19382-7595. Phone: 610-344-9156 Fax: 610-344-0754 Email: [email protected] Buy surplus and used PENN V47AD-2.


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V47AS-1. V47AT-1. V9502-95. VA-7150-1001. VA-7152- 1001. VA7810-HGA-2. VA9104-AGA-3S VA9104-GGA-2S VA9208-BGA-3 2) Solución enfriada por agua: Intercambiadores de placas independientes para condensación y enfriamiento de 24…57.

Free shipping . Johnson Controls V46AA-1C 3/8" Water Valve.

-controls-panenckys-set-of-keys-2-for-encl-lock 2021-04-02T00:10:18-04:00 monthly 1 https://www.hvacdepot.ca/product_detail/johnson-controls-v47ad2- 

4. V47AD-9160.


v47ad-2. johnson controls . temperature water valve,1 inch ,115-180 f degree range, cast iron, 6 feet capillary, 11/16 inch diameter, 6 inch long bulb.


Johnson Controls VG7842GT Globe Valve, 3-Way Mixing, 1/2" Size, Sweat Johnson Controls V47AD-2C Temperature Actuated Modulating Valve, 115 to 180  Jul 25, 2017 2 Door Module S300-DIN-RDR2SA Pressure Actuated Water Valves – V46 2- way Pressure Actuated WaterValves – V47AD -9160.


Most orders ship same day.
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V47AD-3. RELAY. 168.05.
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LIT-1927330 2020-04-22 V47 Series Temperature Actuated Modulating Valve Catalog Page V47AA, V47AB, V47AC, V47AD, V47AE, V47AR, V47AS, V47AT Description

Artikelnr: 7070660. Lev. artikelnr: V47AD-9160 | Mer info. Logga in för att se prisuppgifter. Helgjutet ventilhus av mässing för storlek 3/8", 1/2" och 3/4" och V47AD-9161. V47AE- 1/2. 3/4. 3/4.

2021-02-17 · v47ad-2 hvac from johnson controls 2-year warranty, radwell repairs - temperature water valve,1 inch ,115-180 f degree range, cast iron, 6 feet capillary, 11/16 inch diameter, 6 inch long bulb

PAYMENT: SHIPPING: This item qualifies toward FREE Domestic Ground shipping. Only orders with an item total equal to or over $100 are eligible for this offer. This offer is not valid for Freight, LTL, Priority shipping or International orders.

More about this product. 1" TmpActWaterVlv115-180F.